Hey, I’m Carl. I left the UK 5 years ago, to work and travel. My travels have taken me to Asia, where I have lived and worked in refugee camps, worked for the university of Hong Kong and now to Eastern Europe.

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I now work full time online, but it wasn’t always that way. After graduating from the University of Kent in International Relations and Law, I moved to Asia to teach english. I taught in both colleges and high schools as well as doing private tuition. I then decided to change my approach but stay in the same area, so I ended up living in a refugee camp for 3 years and built schools, this part of my life taught me some valuable lessons and has made me who I am today. During this time I was also contracted by the University of Hong Kong to run the Faculty of Social Science’s largest internship programme, MOEI. MOEI is an English teaching internship, I trained the interns and was the programme coordinator for Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. In 2012, I moved to Hong Kong to take up a full time post as an Academic tutor at the University of Hong Kong. I continue my work with the MOEI programme as well as charitable work setting up schools in refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border. I strongly believe that everyone should be able to travel regardless of their budget.Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 6.58.18 PM

After moving to Hong Kong I set up www.findatutor.com.hk, a website that allows tutors and students to get in contact with one another. I always love being on the road and the freedom it gives me, working online has been a dream so far. It is a fantastic way to live and it allows me to get out there and see the world.Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 6.59.02 PM