3 Great Reasons Why You Need To Learn How To Start A Travel Blog

There are 101 reasons why everyone who loves travel should learn how to start a travel blog. I am so happy I took the leap and make a real effort to find out exactly how to start a travel blog a few years ago.


Travel has always been my passion, now with my blog I feel more energised and more desire to travel than ever. Having a travel blog has just made every moment on the road much much better! I even make money from my blog now, which is awesome because it means that I can make money on the road.

Have you seen how many travel blogs are popping up all the time now? There’s a good reason for it – it makes life and travel much more enjoyable! So why not take the leap and learn how to start a travel blog today? It is something I promise that will benefit you in the future.

So apart from the income, why do I think you should learn how to start a travel blog? Here are 3 great reasons, aside from the money and freebies, why having a travel blog will give more meaning to your journey.

It’s a diary

Yes that’s right, your travel blog really is your diary. Of course you are sharing your experience with the world but it means that you have everything about your travels documented and saved. So when we start to go grey and old we’re able to look back at our blog and remember what a good time we had. It’s also a fantastic way for friends and family to learn about what you’re doing.

It gives you a voice

Your travel blog is your platform where you get to express your views about the places you visit and also how you have created a lifestyle that allows you to travel. We all have friends that we can talk to and give our ideas to, but with a blog you get to share your voice with the world.

Inspire others

To some people they think this is a pipe dream, that there’s no way they will be able to inspire others, but that simply is not true! Imagine before you travelled, I am sure you read in a magazine, newspaper or a blog that inspired you. People love to hear about others who are out there chasing their dreams and seeing the world. If you only inspire one person to live the life they want, well, then you’re truly winning!

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