4 Locations You Can’t Miss On A Trip to India

India has been a popular haunt for backpackers for many years, famously trekked by the likes of The Beatles and Steve Jobs, there is so much to explore and discover in this huge Asian country. I decided to follow in the footsteps of many who have gone before me and last year spent three months finding out everything that India had to offer. I instantly fell in love with the Indian culture, the people and most importantly, the food. After thinking long and hard I have managed to put together a list of my top 5 Indian places which I think that anyone who goes traveling there needs to see.



It would be foolish not to start a list like this with India’s biggest tourist attraction and a landmark which truly does live up to the hype, the Taj Mahal. This magnificent building is located in Aggra and cannot be missed on a trip to India. Away from the key attraction, Aggra is a historic city where you can discover ancient tombs and forts left over from the Mughal empire. The city truly brims with energy and you can find the pumping heart of the city in the many busy markets throughout Aggra.


Ooty is a small town which is situated in the west of India and a town which I kind of stumbled over before falling in love with. This rural town offers stunning landscapes filled with tea plantations and miles of eucalyptus and pine trees. Aside from the natural splendour of the town, there is plenty to do here, Ooty tourist places include the steepest railway in Asia which takes you on a  mountain tour, the finest botanical gardens in India and hundreds of miles of fascinating trek paths. This is a real hidden gem and if you want to see it for yourself then check out the Ooty hotels and get booked up soon, before word gets out!


I love the many different sides which India offers and away from the Hindu temples and historic ruins you will find the city of Jaipur with its searing heat and glorious beaches. Camel trekking, sunbathing and street parties are what you will find in this colourful region and it is also a shopaholics paradise. I am not usually one of those people who enjoys going to tourist hotspots but Jaipur turned out to be a great deal of fun and the perfect place to enjoy the Indian coast.


They call this place India’s New York and it is easy to see why, the business centre of the country and a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis which cannot be missed. There is a very international feel about Mumbai and it seems as though every street you walk down offers something different. Whether you are looking to shop, visit museums, sightsee, eat, party or indulge in some Indian culture, Mumbai is the best place to do so, this city has everything that anyone could ask for.