5 Must do things in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that so many people fall in love with after they have visited. It is easy to see why people fall in love the Portuguese capital. Every visit is filled with sunshine, great locals and beautiful sights. Once you visit you will want to head straight back to the capital for a Lisbon city break. Lisbon is the capital city and also the largest city in Portugal, it is however very small when you compare it to other capital cities in the west of Europe. Being small is no bad thing, it means that you are able to see the major sights in under two days! You can take in the Castelo, tour with the Electrico 28 and be blown away by the monastery of Belem. Here are some great suggestions of the things you must do in Lisbon, of course it’s not everything you can do, just the best bits!


Spoil yourself

If you have a sweet tooth then Lisbon is the place for you. There are so many things to choose from that if you wanted to try all of the pastries on offer it would take you weeks and weeks. If you’re in Lisbon then it is a crime not to try as many as possible. If sweet things are not for you, then stop off at any cafe and try the daily soup. The soup is cheap but absolutely delicious!


Everyone knows that if you want a party then Lisbon will not disappoint. There are many fancy clubs on offer, if you happen to venture in to one you are sure to have the night of your life. Nearly every building you see in Bairro Alto will have a bar or a club. The party spills on to the street, people buy their drinks in the bar and then stand on the streets


The portuguese people like to take it slow and relax. They like to take their time and be able to enjoy everything that is on offer, if possible, you should not try to rush around like a crazy tourist. Sometimes you may have to wait inline a little longer because people are having a chat at the register, relax, embrace this great way of living.

Hit the beach

One of the most attractive things about Lisbon is that it is on the Atlantic Ocean. Every morning when you rise you will hear the sound of seagulls and, if you’re close enough, the sea. The country’s history is steeped with things related to the sea, it is a part of the identity there. So, regardless of when you visit head down to the beach and embrace it.

Leave the map at home

The best way to explore any city is to get lost in it, Lisbon is brilliant for this. There are so many little streets for you to wander down, getting lost is easy. When you walk down these streets you will be able to see the locals living their normal lives. It’s a perfect way to see the other side of the city away from the tourist hotspots.


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