5 Things To Do In Jakarta

jakarta cath

Jakarta is a huge city, with a lot of people and even more things to offer people that decide to visit. With such a mixed cultural heritage with influences from Asia, Java, Arabia and Europe, Jakarta is a very good example of a mixed culture that is fantastic to experience. When you are in Jakarta and you have picked your accommodation in the Amaris Hotel Thamrin Jakarta, here are some things for you to see and do.

The National Monument

The national monument (also known as Monas) is an immediately recognisable icon of the city at about 132 metres high and represents the struggle of Indonesia to gain its independence from the Dutch Empire. The tower protrudes right from the heart of centre of the city from the Merdeka Square.

National Museum of Indonesia

This is a comprehensive museum in the capital that features archeological, historical and geographical elements. It is located on the west side of the Merdeka Square and is well known as the “elephant building” due to the elephant statue that is situation in the forecourt of the museum.

Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal (which means independence in Arabic) is the largest mosque in Indonesia and possibly the largest in southeast Asia. Like the National Monument this Mosque was built to celebrate the Indonesian independence and therefore holds a very high significance for the country and in particular the Muslim people of Indonesia (the most popular religion). This mosque features some unbelievable modern architecture and is truly a marvel of the city.

Jakarta Cathedral

The Jakarata cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral that is also located right in front of the Istiqlal Mosque and makes for an extremely striking contrast between the two religions. This is especially the case with its Neo Gothic architecture, but these two buildings and their respective religions appear to exist in harmony and even manage to accommodate one another during religious festivals. This is possibly the only place in the world where two such establishments can coexist as peacefully as this.

The Old Town

The old town of Jakarta, or Kota Tua as it is known, is the original downtown area of Jakarta and was once the administrative hub of the Dutch East Indies due to its strategic position. The street layout of this area has remained much the same since the 17th century and the buildings are truly unique with a Dutch and European influences mixed with traditional Chinese and Javanese architecture. The old town is a great place to relive Jakarta’s rich past.