5 Ways to Spend Your Summer in Spain


From relaxing beach breaks in Malaga to partying in Ibiza, Spain has something to offer everyone. It’s not surprising that Brits love their Spanish holidays so much and regularly take a trip to this beautiful country. Spain has dramatic landscapes with vast coastlines and ancient sights. If you’re taking a trip to this European country this summer, here are 5 things you can do to have a good time.

See the fortress in Granada
This huge fortress will take an entire day to explore on foot, but it’s best to take a local guide with you. From the top of the building, you can catch a glimpse of the entire Granada city and take lots of great pictures. Ahhambra is only open from early spring to late summer and entrance fee for adults is around 13 euros. Students can get a considerable discount, while children only pay around 8 euros to enter.

See Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona
Barcelona is home to a number of unique structures, one of which can be found in Parc Guell. Gaudi’s world famous architecture is not to be missed, especially Casa Batllo, which is a uniquely designed building that sets it apart from other Spanish structures.

Take dance lessons
The passion of Flamenco is clearly evident in every Spanish city you visit. This type of traditional dance creates a lustful atmosphere and attracts lots of attention from onlookers. To perfect the moves, it takes practice as you need to follow strict rhythmic patterns. If you’re traveling with your partner, why not give salsa a go if you find Flamenco dancing too difficult. There are many dance lessons that are used by visitors and locals. Your experienced dance tutor will help you develop your salsa dancing skills, from beginner to advance level.

Party hard
No summer trip to Spain is complete until you pay a visit to Ibiza, where there are numerous clubs to welcome you. Be prepared to spend all night dancing and raving as these clubs stay open ‘til the early hours of morning.

Take a drive to sunny Andalucía
Spain offers the cheapest driving holiday in Europe so you can take the opportunity to explore many of its beautiful spots. A drive through the sunny region of Andalucía in the south west will reveal Spain’s many traditions such as tapas, festivals, matadors and bullfights. After two days of driving through the kingdom of the ancient Andalucía, you’ll reach the elegant town of Seville, where you’ll be enchanted with the breath-taking views of this city.

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