A Guide to Bavaria

Bavaria is the number one holiday destination in Germany. It is a place of lush forests, majestic snow topped mountains, medieval castles, small towns and thriving modern cities. For nature lovers or those who just want to relax a trip to Bavaria is perfect. The state features a number of beautiful lakes and vineyards to enjoy. Bavaria is also one of the cultural centres of Europe and is famous for its opera and traditional festivals. Perhaps most importantly Bavarian’s are known for their warm and welcoming personalities. Here are some of the top attractions you must see on your next trip to Bavaria.


Bavarian Forest

Bavarian Forest is one of the best places to enjoy the unspoiled experience of nature. This forest is the oldest national park in Germany and is ninety five percent covered in Forest. Despite the fact that nature has been allowed to progress without interference the forest is easy to navigate thanks to network of foot paths and cycle routes. For skiers there are also cross country ski trails. This means that the beauty of the Bavarian Forest can be enjoyed all year around.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the classic Disney movie. When you visit it you will see that it really does look like something from a fairy tale. Unsurprisingly the castle is an incredibly popular tourist attraction and brings in 1.4 million visitors each year. The vast number of visitors is somewhat ironic considering that it was constructed by King Ludwig II so that he would be able to retreat from public life.

Starnberg Five Lakes

If you want to see the traditional Bavaria in all its glory then you need to take a visit to the Starnberg Five Lakes region. Here you can enjoy upper Bavarian towns and majestic scenery. You can also pass a pleasant afternoon at one of the many beer gardens in the region. You should also take the time to see Andechs Monastery which is located right next to Lake Starnberg. This has been a popular destination for royalty and commoners alike.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace is a Baroque palace located in Munich. This exquisite palace was the primary summer home of the rulers of Bavaria. Construction of the palace began in 1664 under the guidance of the Italian architect Agostino Barelli. The Nymphenburg Palace is housed in an extremely well ordered park. In the original design the park was a small Italianesque garden. But in the 17th century this vision was expanded into the formal French garden that it is today.

Romantic Road

No trip to Bavaria is complete with travelling along the romantic road between Wurzburg and Fussen. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit fascinating historic town and to enjoy well preserved buildings and other monuments. The road also takes you through the Tauber Valley, the Nordlinger Reis and ends at Neuschwanstein castle. The trip along the road is safe but to avoid any problems it is a good idea to take out single trip insurance before heading off along the romantic road.


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