The Best Airport Hacks


Getting around an airport has become something of an art, especially with the popularity of air travel these days, therefore it is so important to know the ins and outs of airports in order to use your time effectively and minimise stress in what can be a quite stressful environment.

Never be late

This is hack number one when it comes to airports, because time is absolutely everything. If you stay at
Airport hotels
you can save so much time. For example, Stansted airport hotels are ideal because Stansted is about 30 miles outside of London. This can be a huge way to go, especially if you live in South or East London. Therefore this can be the perfect solution for winning back the time and navigating the airport much more easily.

Be nice

Of course, being happy and nice is one of the best ways to get things that you want, especially at airports. For example, your bag might weigh a little bit more than it should or you want a window seat, but there are none left. In these situations being nice to an airport employee goes a long long way. If you are nice the employee is much more likely to help you out, you can’t imagine the number of times my bag weighed too much and a smile and some happy talking meant that the employee looked the other way. The key words are of course “please” and “thank you”.

Pack some food

Airports are stressful and not only that, they are expensive, especially when it comes to food. The options can also be limited, so packing something yourself can mean that you avoid queueing or waiting for food. This is so much easier and you get to eat exactly what you want too!

Invest in a powerbank

I often see a lot of people frantically looking around for places to charge their devices in the airport and the reality is that it is not the airports responsibility to supply everyone with a power socket. A powerbank is a small and easy solution to this problem and can save you if you need to use your phone or tablet for work or some good entertainment options! This should be one of your travel essentials that can also be useful during your everyday life.