Booking a trip online is the best way to go

I have found that I save money when I book a trip online as opposed to heading in to a travel agent. I’ve listed below three great reasons why I think booking your holiday online is the way to go.


So if you’re interested in saving money, reading reviews online from past customers to get more information, here are the reasons why a booking site will save you money and make the whole process easier.

You have your own specifications

If you go to a travel agent they will try to sell you their packages or attempt to design a custom built holiday for you. The package holiday that you are sold will come with a pre-planned itinerary that probably won’t match what you’re looking for. If you choose a custom built itinerary then it will often come with a hefty price tag. If you opt to book a trip online you get to compare prices and create your own itinerary that matches your specifications. You will also not have to pay the booking fee that an agent will ask for.

A personal touch

Travel agents often say it’s best to use their service because they offer a personal touch. They are there to give you advice and you can contact them if you have an emergency. But, if your agent is not working then who are you supposed to call if an emergency situation arises? Nearly all online booking sites have people on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are teams set up to deal specifically with emergencies. Even after you’ve paid your money your satisfaction is the priority. So the personal touch will not cost you extra, it is there as standard.

Save your money and time

Online sites are able to offer you much better deals than travel agents, this is because the agents simply do not have access to these discounts. I even went on one holiday where I saved nearly 50% on what the agent was offering. You can also use coupons and vouchers to get extra discounts when booking online, I used via coupon codes to save money on my last trip. The time you save is also a big factor. You can book your holiday and research from home, in your own time. If you book through an agent then you have to do everything inside their work hours and may even have to go in to the shop several times.