Since gaining independence in 1995, Croatia has become the 18th biggest tourist destination in the world. Diversity is the keyword for describing Croatia and all it has to offer. Whether it’s skiing, sailing, beach resorts, naturist holidays or visiting some of the largest wetlands in Europe, you will find these and more. The country has more than 1,000 islands and an estimated 16,000 berths available for the passionate sailor. The Eurasian brown bear, a protected species, roams in large numbers in the Gorski kotar and Lika regions. There are around 7,000 caves and pits waiting to be explored in a country that is 44% forest. It takes your breath away doesn’t it? So why not let someone else help make your mind up for you by choosing one of the many all inclusive holidays in Croatia currently on offer.

Split - Photo by Ante Verzotti - Photo courtesy of Croatian National Tourist Board

The Adriatic coastline has numerous destinations for the sun and sea tourist. Relax in your hotel by the pool and take advantage of the food, drinks and hospitality that your all-inclusive holiday in Croatia offers. Alternately spend the day on one of the beautiful sandy beaches or enjoy the shopping facilities in the larger coastal cities like Slit or the historic Dubrovnik before returning to your hotel to change for dinner and the evening’s entertainment.

For something more energetic and adventurous head inland for the stunning alpine region for some winter sports and the many fine ski resorts to be found in Croatia. Beautiful ski lodges and hotels cover the area that easily compare with other European ski resorts, so if you want to get on the piste Croatia is the place to go. Heading back toward the coastline you may want to try some whitewater rafting or canoeing or hike through the majestic forests before retiring to your lovely country hotel.


A great way to see Croatia is touring by bus. There are many reputable tour companies offering many different all-inclusive holidays in Croatia with varying packages to suit all tastes from the nature lover to the history buff. So get onto your computer or contact your travel agent book a trip to this magical country, you will not be disappointed.

If you are considering a trip remember it is a wonderful place for a family vacation that need not break the bank, all inclusive holidays in Croatia are widely available to suit your family.



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