Discovering London

A trip to England is not complete without an exploration of London, it’s most famous and cosmopolitan city. London is one of those cities where you can simply have any kind of experience you could possibly desire. From nearly endless museums and cultural sights, international dining, shopping, nightlife, historical areas and so much more, you could stay for years and never see it all. So what’s the best way to discover London? Just get your flight and learn on the run! It’s easy to fly to London from anywhere in Europe, so there’s no reason the adventure can’t begin now!


Getting Around

London is a massive city, so while you can easily walk around certain parts, you’ll never see it all this way. Luckily, London has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world. The London Underground is huge but take some time to study and learn the map and routes, and you’ll soon be traversing London like a pro. The many lines will whisk you anywhere you need to in and around the city. And if you’re in a hurry, you can always grab a London cab for a convenient ride!

Explore Royalty

You’ve got to experience Buckingham Palace while in London. You can take photos with the guards outside the palace (who really will not bat an eye!) Visit the palace in the morning, before the crowds arrive. Inside the palace you can discover the glittering Crown Jewels, sure to dazzle. Catch the changing of the guard daily at Buckingham Palace at 11:30 am.

Shop Till You Drop

London is absolutely a world capital of shopping, so if you have any interest you might as well put this activity on your itinerary! You could shop for hours, days and weeks without seeing everything this city has to offer its shopaholics. Oxford Street is a must-see for those interested in window shopping among the most luxurious and expensive brands in London. Bond Street is another area filled with glamour and high-fashion name brands.

Check Out the Museums

When in London there is so much to see, shop, eat and do. But you’ve got to dedicate some time to immersing in the fascinating museums the city has to offer. There are museums covering just about any interest topic you could imagine, from natural history and modern art to design, dinosaurs and everything in between. And the children’s museums are a great place to take the kids and ensure that they’ll have a bit of an educational experience while on holiday!

Kick Back

London has a great party scene, so after you’ve enjoyed the sites why not enjoy all that the city has to offer? If you’re with a bunch of friends and looking for a fun time then you should pay a visit to a Gentlemen’s Club in London. Of course, your holiday can’t always be go-go-go time. There needs to be some relax and rejuvenation time, and the parks of London are the perfect spot to do this. Hyde Park is London’s biggest park, the perfect place to people-watch and enjoy all the surrounding activity. Kensington Gardens is absolutely beautiful and filled with lush scenery, the perfect place for a scenic and serene picnic. Stroll along the walking paths and breathe in the fresh air right in the middle of the city – what a relaxing break!

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