Eating and Sleeping Valencia

One of the best things about travelling around the world is getting the opportunities to try out the different foods that various cultures offer. The other great thing is having a nice siesta in the afternoon when it gets just too hot to do all the sightseeing stuff and where else in the world is the best place in the world to take a siesta? The home of all siestas’, Spain. I have travelled here many times and one of my favorite places to visit is Valencia on the East coast on the Iberian Peninsula. The good part about this region of Spain is that the food has a slightly different flavor to it, probably because of its rich cultural history and influences.

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Now depending on your budget is going to determine where you eat and sleep. If you have the money then some of the best restaurants in Valencia can be found spread across the city. In fact Valencia boasts three Michelin Star places, the Ricard Camarena, Restaurante Riff, and La Sucursal. Obviously because these are top class places bookings are essential and can easily be done in advance online.

For those on a tighter budget and if it is tapas you are after the give Bodega Casa Montana a try. It is one of the oldest established places in town and has been around since 1836. Although not generally associated much with pasta, La Pappardella offers 29 different types and some of the food available is quite experimental. Give it a try, you might be surprised.

So now it is time for that famous Spanish tradition, the siesta. As with any major city it has its fair share of five stars so again it depends on your budget however fairly priced hotels in Valencia are easy to find. One of the higher end hotels is the Hospes Palau de La Mar but there are cheaper ones available. Opening in 1898 the Las Arenas Balneario Resort is another to consider. At the mid-range scale There are many to choose from including the Hotel Barceló Valencia and the Hotel Vincci Mercat, all located centrally to the main attractions around the city.

If you are backpacking around Spain then you are probably looking for a hostel or cheap guesthouse. Again, there are plenty to choose from, over thirty I believe. Simple web searches on the usual sights will point you in the right direction. However you choose to do it, Valencia has something to suit every taste and budget.