Enjoy Family Snow Adventures in Lapland

Lapland has to be the best place on the planet for the perfect winter holiday. With perfect white surroundings, log fires and fantastic activities there is nothing not to like about a Lapland family holiday. It is such a beautiful place, you would think that it is crowded but is so so empty there because the area is so fast, you will be able to enjoy everything all to yourself. If you’re an active family that is looking to make the most of the great outdoors then you should head over to ActivitiesAbroad.com There are plenty of reasons for you to choose this as a winter holiday destination, here are some of my favourite reasons to keep going back to Lapland.


The Northern Lights

The Northern lights are one of the main draws of Lapland, thousands of people travel just to have the chance of catching a glimpse of them. I hope that during your visit you do get to see the magical green and yellow lights. You will have to wake up early to see them, it is all a little weird standing there watching the best light show on the planet in complete silence. To find out some more information about Lapland and The Northern Lights then head to the tourist board’s website.

Pay a visit to Santa Claus

You can’t head over to Lapland without going to see the main man. You can see santa claus when you visit Finnish Lapland, he lives there with his helpers and reindeers. It is every kids dream to visit santa claus and see where him and his elves get all of the toys ready for the boys and girls around the world.

Admiring the local wildlife

One of the best things for you to try and see is a bear. The Russian brown bear can be found in Finland, it is a great thing for you to see. Surprisingly this bear is extremely shy, they are usually so scared of us humans that if you do see one they will probably flee as quickly as they can. If you really want to see one of these bears you will have to head over to a hide that you can watch the bears from. Not many people get to witness a bear in it’s natural habitat, if you get the opportunity then you should take it.

Rent a snowmobile

During the winter months all of the lakes in Lapland freeze over, you can walk safely over the frozen lakes and you can even drive over therm! Taking a snowmobile trip is the perfect way for you to explore the stunning wilderness and all of the parts that are not able to be reached by road. It is such a great way to spend one of your days in Lapland, it is such a breath taking experience and one that all of the family can join in on.


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