Exploring Barcelona’s music scene

One of the best things about travelling abroad is that it gives you access to a whole new music scene. For a music buff like me, it’s a brand new paradise just waiting to be explored, and Barcelona is no exception. Whether you prefer an acoustic open mic night down at the local, or a full-on club night at the city centre’s prime rock venue, there’s a plethora of opportunities on offer to suit all tastes and music styles.

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Even if you weren’t planning on a holiday any time soon, it’s easy for the intrepid music explorer to get hold of some cheap flights and get out to Barcelona. On arrival, make sure you check out the venues below for a bit of excellent tunage.


Created back in the 90s when people actually knew how to rock out, Mephisto has evolved to become an integral part of the rock and goth scene. Now something of an institution of its own, you can find outrageously-dressed headbangers here on the clubbing evenings, which are something of a legend in their own right. But where Mephisto truly excels is in its live concerts, of which there are often two or three per week. While it has attracted names as big as Bon Jovi in the past, the venue generally serves as a platform for smaller (but no less talented) alternative and heavy metal bands.

Mephisto is located on Calle Roc Boronat, 33, in Sant Marti.


Possibly Barcelona’s best-known night club, Razzmatazz is just as fun as it sounds. As soon as you wander into the cavernous room, the lights hit you and your hips start to jiggle. While the drinks prices are outrageous – as well as the entry fee if you head down after midnight – it’s worth paying for all the fun you’ll be having. Make sure you dance near the stage and watch the DJs – one in particular performs the campest dance moves you will ever see. The music varies, but it’s always tracks you’ll know.

Razzmatazz is a little out of the way of the town centre, on Carrer dels Almogavers between Bogatell and Llacuna metro stations.


The ever-popular BeCool club in St Gervasi-Galvany was closed for much of the summer, but has been trying to make a grand return since September 21st when it reopened for its eclectic club nights and live gigs. This mid-size venue takes clubbing back to basics, with its main draw being the timetable of DJs, who are rarely famous but often respected and very enthusiastic. While it’s not a particularly large club, the space is used well, making it a great venue for those who like to dance along to their live music. Excellent if you’re looking for a night to remember. Their superior sound system, fantastic lighting rig and friendly nature of the crowds also make this an awesome place to experience a gig.

BeCool is located in Eixample on Avenue Diagonal on Placa de Joan Llongueras.


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