How Travel Can Carve Out Your Career Path

Everyone wonders what to do with his or her lives. What paths will you take or indeed which path will take you? Sally faced this age-old problem while still in university. No matter what assistance she sought nothing really appealed to her or kept her attention for any length of time. She left her university armed with a decent degree but none the wiser about her future. As she hadn’t taken a gap year she decided to travel.


South East Asia was her chosen destination after coming highly recommended by friends, she had considered becoming an English tutor in Hong Kong. But she decided to head to Thailand instead. A couple of weeks of the pollution and the frenetic pace of living in the capital became too much so the enticement of island hopping was an easy decision to make. The islands were both beautiful and lively however, after a few months boredom set in so she headed for Cambodia to do some voluntary teaching. Choosing to work with infants was an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience yet somehow not fulfilling. She made many friends in the 4 months she worked at the school, one in particular who worked with blind children in the provinces at a specialized orphanage, he persuaded her to join him thereafter 18 months of educating and receiving an education herself personal family matters forced her to return to her native England.

With familial problems resolved she found herself at a very loose end not knowing what to do with herself or her time. One day her parents suggested she contact the R.N.I.B headquarters in London by letter and based on her experiences in Cambodia she was invited to a meeting in London.

The R.N.I.B. was founded by Dr.Thomas Rhodes Anderson, himself poorly sighted, in 1868 and was initially called The British and Foreign Society for Embossed Literature for the Blind. After several name changes and patronages, the first being Queen Victoria, it’s now known as the Royal National Institute for Blind People, its modern day patron is Queen Elizabeth 2.

For Sally it was a return to education at another university to gain the professional qualifications to achieve her ultimate goal of teaching the blind.

The R.N.I.B. operates many residential homes and more importantly for Sally educational facilities. She eventually landed a job at the recently refurbished Pears Center for Specialist Learning in Coventry. As with her training period she works alongside blind and partially sighted people, which has proved invaluable. So good luck to Sally who has finally achieved career satisfaction.

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