My travel plans for the next month

So I finished my two weeks R&R in Thailand, I travelled there from Hong Kong. Leaving Hong Kong behind was no problem, after 18 months of work and travel I was ready to get out of the bustling city. So now it’s time to hit the road in Eastern Europe with my two friends Josh and Johnny. I am now in Tbilisi, Georgia. It’s a fantastic city, with some beautiful architecture – there will be an article about this place coming to you in next day or two. I will be heading to Armenia tomorrow, then back here to Georgia before embarking on an epic trip of Turkey. I cannot wait to get over to Turkey, after doing my research I have realised how truly amazing the country really is. There’s still a chance that I’ll be heading over to see my best friend in Egypt, I’m checking out the ferry journey now. It really is a nice feeling knowing that I could either be in London, Cairo or some other fantastic city come December.

Now, time to pack the bag in preparation for the night train to Armenia tomorrow night. Stay tuned for some great tales, tips and photos from my travels :)

Until next time, here’s a picture from Tbilisi of the most unhealthy ‘crane game’ I have EVER seen!!!!


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