Quick Fashion Tips For Men


A lot of men are now beginning to explore the world of fashion and this is a great thing, but few know exactly where to start and some basic things that can make or break an outfit. Here is a little guide for some great tips to make your wardrobe standout, so read on to find out more.

Details make the outfit

Details are something that you need to pay attention to and are noticed much more than you would think. Something like a nice tie can really make your outfit pop (and knowing how to tie one properly of course). These small things like scarves, pocket squares or even the humble watch can have a huge impact on the way that everything that else you are wearing looks.

Nothing is better than the right fit

Clothes that fit well not only look better, but they feel much more comfortable and sophisticated than those that don’t fit properly. Avoid clothes that are too baggy or too tight, somewhere in between is going to be right for you and your body type. Forget the labels and what they say (regular, tight, skinny, etc) and look in the mirror at how it fits instead.

Get a second opinion

Shopping with a friend is always a good idea, especially if you want to get a fresh perspective on what you are buying. I think that if you aren’t confident about purchasing something, then this is the way to go.


I already mentioned that details are a make or break kind of deal and shoes fall into this category, but also somehow fall into a category of their own. You should invest money in shoes, because they are one of the first things that people look at and are very very noticeable, and this is particularly the case when they are good or bad. Therefore you need to invest in a good pair and maintain them well.

Keep things simple

Any good wardrobe is built on basics, rather than crazy so-called “hero pieces”. It is a great idea to build on the basics like good trousers, t shirts and shirts. These are things that you will be wearing everyday, you won’t be wearing that ostrich skin leather jacket every day, that is for sure. You can of course get these things later on, but don’t neglect the basics.