A Review of Lottoland


How it works
Lottoland is not a lottery, but what they do is very clever. They take bets on the results of lotteries around the world and these happen to be many of the largest in the world. This gives people from all around the world the opportunity to play lottery games without having to be a citizen of the country of the lottery (which is very often a requirement).


What they offer
I already talked about how they offer some of the top lotteries in the world, but to name them Lottoland allows people to take part in the Euro Millions, Euro Jackport, Powerball (USA) and many more. It is great to see all of these in one convenient place.


Everyone can play
I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that people from all over the world (there are a few exceptions) can register with Lottoland and play the wide range of lottery games. This is great when you are anywhere in the world, or just want to broaden your horizons and play something a bit different.


Double Jackpot and Number Shield
It is amazing to think that Lottoland could potentially offer more than the largest lotteries in the world, but it is true with their Double Jackpot feature. They are insured with one of the best insurance companies in the world to ensure that everyone gets paid out what they win!


The Number Shield is also an interesting option because it means that if you win the lottery and there are other people that win too, you do not need to share your prize with them. You will simply get the whole jackpot, which is a very fun spin on the traditional lottery game.