Secret South Devon Beaches and Coves

Looking to experience the delights of the secluded South Devon beaches and coves nestled along this picturesque coastline? The autumn and winter months offer a perfect time to explore… with fewer people walking the South West Coast Path, not to mention stunning scenery and breathtaking sunsets just waiting to be enjoyed, this is a fabulous time of year to visit.


If you are looking for the perfect Devon experience in the future then you should certainly make your trip even better by booking a relaxing cottage break, there’s nothing better than exploring the beaches before heading back to your cosy cottage to snuggle up for the evening.

So don your walking boots, dig out your winter warmers, arm yourself with a camera and head out to admire the unrivalled beauty of the South Devon beaches over the coming months. Here are just a few secret coves, not to be missed…

Sunny Cove

One of the most picturesque South Devon beaches, the aptly named Sunny Cove is a gorgeous beauty spot. Only accessible on foot, from this sandy stretch there are wonderful views over the Salcombe Estuary across to various other South Devon beaches, including North Sands and South Sands on the opposite side of the water. Enjoy a walk back along the coastline, before catching the foot passenger ferry across to the popular sailing town of Salcombe for a delicious lunch of locally caught seafood whilst gazing over the water.

Soar Mill Cove

Nestled at the foot of the cliffs, accessed only via the South West Coast Path, this magnificent cove is one of the area’s best kept secrets and one of the most secluded South Devon beaches. Situated on the cliff path between the fishing village of Hope Cove and the popular sailing town of Salcombe, a visit to this quiet pretty cove is well worth the walk… kick your shoes off and walk along the sand barefoot, or bring your dog and allow it to play fetch with driftwood whilst you stroll along the shoreline.

Sugary Cove, Dartmouth

Perfectly positioned on the Start Bay coastline, within easy walking distance of historic Dartmouth’s boutique shops, restaurants and art galleries, Sugary Cove is a picturesque shingle beach accessed via steps from the cliff above. This is just one of many South Devon beaches along this stretch of coastline, including the shingly Leonards Cove, and the isolated Landcombe Cove, situated between Slapton and Blackpool Sands (a great escape from the crowds, but only accessible by a challenging descent on foot) – those looking for secluded coves won’t be disappointed!

Meadowsfoot Beach

In search of unspoilt, sandy South Devon beaches for a romantic walk with your loved one? Meadowsfoot Beach joins up with Wonwell Beach, on the Erme Estuary, at low tide, and is a beautiful spot for walkers or nature enthusiasts looking to explore the hidden gems of the area. Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, this privately owned beach is accessed by a wooded path and is a delightful stretch of sand, well worth visiting.