Simplify The Visa Process – It’s Easy If You Know How

Hands up if you’ve ever had a real nightmare obtaining a visa for one country or more. I have both hands raised because on more than one occasion I have lost even more hair trying to get a visa on time.

I completely understand that the visa process should not be straightforward because people need to protect their country. Recently a friends told me about these companies that offer an amazing service to help with your application, they can provide the documents you need and might not have.


We’ve all been to an embassy before and they ask us for a booking confirmation in order to proceed with the visa application – but why would I book a ticket if my visa might get denied? Well, not you can get all of the documents you need for a minimal cost, it’s called a visa reservation service.

So how does it work? Well, basically the visa reservation service provides you with all the documents you need without you risking too much money.

Flight Itinerary

They will provide you will a verifiable, one way, round trip or multi city flight bookings – for any country visa!! The flight itinerary for visa is a must have when you’re applying and these guys make it so easy.

Hotel Booking

A lot of embassies will want to see your hotel booking so they know where you’ll be staying. The visa reservation service can provide you with a hotel booking anywhere in the world within minutes. There are also no cancellation costs, which is amazing.

Travel Insurance

They’ll even be able to provide you with travel insurance, which we all MUST have before we travel anywhere in the world. These guys really have got us covered!

The services that these companies offer couldn’t be easier to use because it’s all done online and you can pay through PayPal. Within minutes you’ll have all of the documents you need waiting for you in your inbox. I suggest that everyone calls the relevant embassy that they are applying to, find out what documents you need and then get on to one of these companies to help you out.

I’d love to know if any of you have used a service like this before and how it went. Please do pop down any thoughts or tips in the comment section just below.