Why You Should Take A Road Trip For Your Next Holiday


Road trips are one of my favourite ways to travel and there is nothing quite like the freedom that you get from taking one. I wanted to talk a bit more about why I love them and why they make for such memorable experiences. Read on to find out more.

The feeling you get

There is nothing like the feeling of driving on fresh summer tyres on the open road. The feeling that you are in control is one that I really love. Planes are great for going a long distance, but you often miss everything in between. With a car you can experience everything in between.

Beauty comes in the most unexpected places

One great thing that I have always loved about road trips is the ability to find things that you would otherwise never know existed. This might be a forest or a beautiful lookout, and not every single one of these is going to be in a guidebook or on the internet. The ability to stop and see these things is absolutely magical and means that your trip will be totally unique. This is far better than any tour!

It’s the perfect time to think

Getting on the open road is the perfect opportunity to think about things and to explore ideas in your head. After all, there is so much time to think and the calmness of a road trip is the perfect place for it all. I find the experience to be very relaxing and it is always a great way to inspire ideas, thoughts and feelings.

You can stop whenever you want

In comparison to other forms of transport, like buses or trains, a car is great because you can quite literally stop whenever you please. This means that you can explore everything that you want to and if you see something interesting you can have a closer look. On a bus or train you often get a fleeting glimpse of such things and you always feel a little disappointed that you couldn’t stop. The best thing is that there is really no plan and you can decide where you want to go and when.

You will enjoy the destination much more

After coming a long way and enjoying so much, you will truly be able to appreciate the destination. This is one of my most favourite things about road trips is the fact that when you reach your ultimate destination there was so much more of a journey than you would experience in a simple plane ride. You can be happy about the fact that you experienced as much as possible along the way!