The Classic Itinerary for Dubai!

The party capital of the Middle East, Dubai opens up a whole world for travellers to enjoy their time in this desert city. A modern and progressive state, Dubai boasts of great infrastructure, tall skyscrapers and fantastic shopping opportunities.

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A classic itinerary of a Dubai tour will definitely consist of sightseeing the city’s architectural excellence. One of the biggest tourist destinations in the Arab city is the Burj-al Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. This 160 floor high building dominates Dubai skyline and houses nine hotels and a mall. Other popular attractions are the Dubai fountain, the world’s largest dancing fountain; Burj-al Arab, which claims to be world’s only 7-star hotel; Dubai Marina and the Palm Islands.

Dubai also has several historical places which should be part of every travel itinerary. Old Dubai is the old section of the city and provides a glimpse into the original culture of the Arab Bedouins. Old Dubai is also home to worth-visiting attractions like Dubai Museum, Bastakiya district and the Jumeirah Mosque. Apart from the historical places, the Arab city also has several expansive sandy beaches, where you can lie down in the evenings under the sun.

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One of the things to do during a Dubai tour is trying a desert safari or dune bashing, which ranks high on the list of every adventure seeker coming to Dubai. You can easily hire a 4×4 Safari SUV or Jeep, quad bike or dune buggy. There are several tour operators who arrange desert safari for the interested ones. Hot air balloons are also available to see the breathtaking view of mountains and sand dunes.

When you get tired of the safari, you can go watch camel races, one of the most unusual attractions of this Middle Eastern city. Similar attractions areDubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai Dolphinarium, and the Dubai Zoo.

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Dubai’s name is synonymous with shopping, with it being a favourite of shoppers from around the world. Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to shop, with huge discounts and sale available during that time. The Dubai Mall, the Souk Al Bahar, Mercato, Town Centre Jumeirah, Mall of the Emirates are some of the most amazing and popular shopping centres in the world. For traditional items, you can head to historic markets like Gold Souk and Spice Souk.

If you are looking to visit Dubai in near future, it pays to plan the trip in advance. To travel through this big city, a great option is to hire a car while you are in Dubai. There are great service providers like the Hertz Car Rental, which provide luxurious vehicles on hire to anybody who is interested..


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