Things I Love About Mexico

There is so much to love about Mexico and I always crave to head back there. I wanted to write this short article to whet your appetite for a country that definitely needs to be visited, if you haven’t been already. I hope you enjoy reading more about the things that I love about it and hopefully it inspires you to take the next step and visit it for yourself.


The food

Mexican food is without a doubt one of the most delicious and well loved foods in the world. I love the fresh ingredients they use and they fit absolutely perfect to the hot Mexico climate. There is nothing better than streets tacos or a burrito on the Yucatan Peninsula, which is where all the typical Mexican foods that we know come from. I also love the many fresh fruits that you can buy in Mexico, many of them you may have never seen before. If you aren’t feeling too adventurous you can always go with the classic options like an orange or a banana, but be aware that it will probably be the best that you have ever tried in your life. A juice bar is also a nice option to help you get through a warm Mexico day

The Riviera Maya

This is one of the most unique parts of all of Mexico and it truly has a lot to offer in terms of culture, history and nature. Riviera Maya vacation rentals are the best way to experience it and what could be better than waking up next to the turquoise waters and whites sands of the beaches there? The Riviera Maya has many great archaeological sites  of the Maya people, my most favourite of all of them has to be Tulum with its ruins right next to the stunning waters of the Caribbean Sea. There are so many more to uncover and so much more to discover in the area, so I would highly recommend spending some time here.

The people

Mexico is in many ways unlike other places in the world and the people are another exception. They are extremely humble and friendly people and it warms my heart when I see this in action. On many occasions I have been a bit lost in Mexico and the locals have always tried to help me out. This is not something you experience everywhere in the world and the language barrier does not deter them..


We all know that Spanish is the spoken language of Mexico, and the Mexican Spanish is some of the nicest and cleanest Spanish that you are likely to hear. It is always a great idea to learn a few words to help you mingle with the locals and enjoy the Mexican Spanish even more.