Universal Orlando – It’s Easy When You Know How

Universal Orlando used to be overshadowed by Walt Disney World, but that has all changed now! Universal Orlando is the hottest ticket in town by far, this is down to the amazing new attractions that they have added. The most notable new addition has to be the absolutely outstanding Harry Potter attraction.


It’s every kid’s dream to head over to Universal Orlando for their holiday. As parents we always make to ensure that our kids have a great time and that means that we need to plan well. You can’t fail to have a once in a lifetime experience in this park, but by following a few insider tips you can certainly maximise the enjoyment of all the family. The best tip of all has to be to buy your tickets to Universal Studios online.

Visit Potter At The Right Time

As I said above, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the number one attraction at Universal Orlando these days, so it’s important to head there when the queues will be quieter. So head there after lunch, this is because most people will make the mistake of running straight for it as soon as the park gates open. In the morning head to the other major attractions such as; Hulk, Transformers and Islands of Adventure.

Save Space For The Famous Snacks

You will find yourself spending quite a bit of money each day in the park, so make sure that you save some of your daily budget for the amazing signature snacks. It would be a crime to go all the way over to the park and not indulge in treats like Duff Beer, Lard Ld Donuts and the British Pub Food at the Potter restaurant!

Take Your Time

Everyone is there for the rides and activities, that goes without saying, but what you should remember is that this park is absolutely spectacular. So take your time as you stroll from ride to ride with your family and make the most of your surroundings. Keep your camera charged up over night because there are hundreds of great photo ops.

With flights being so cheap these days and tickets at fantastic discounts there’s no excuse not to be heading to Universal Orlando soon.