How to Visit Sri Lanka

Warm weather, beaches, mountains, delicious food, convenient transportation and friendly people. Is there anything more you need from a travel destination? Sri Lanka offers all this and so much more. The country is a thing of beauty and should be on anyone list of places to visit in the next year or two before the not so well kept secret gets out and the country goes completely bonkers with tourism.


The perfect trip to Sri Lanka will most likely start in the capital of Colombo. The city is on the upswing. The economy is booming which means more hotels, restaurants, bars and infrastructure to the city. The international airport is located in the town of Negombo, roughly 20 km from the Colombo city center. This beachside town makes for the perfect place to stay if you only have a short stay in the capital. Finding a place to stay around the airport is a good option if you have an early morning flight or want to stay away from the busy city.


Negombo is a great starting and ending option because of its extensive bus routes and also is equipped with a major rail station that offers service to many of the most sought out destinations like Kandy, Galle and Matara.


Taking a train is hands down the preferred way to transport around Sri Lanka. The trains follow the sun-kissed coastline and weave through the lush rice fields.  From Negombo choosing your adventure is easy. Heading east from Negombo to Kandy offers you a look at the islands and mountains of the island. Kandy is the country’s second largest city and the gateway to the serene setting of Ella. Ella is home to the beautiful tea field landscapes and some of Sri Lanka’s best mountain hikesSri-Lanka-Tours-Hill-Country-Tours-600px.


Heading south from Negombo you can make your way down the sandy coast and watch the sunset behind the Indian ocean. The journey to Matara takes approximately 5 hours. Here’s you’ll find the perfect setting to sip cocktails, sunbathe and dip in the ocean on the palm covered beaches. Matara is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest mammal, the blue whale. The half-day trip is offered by a variety of companies. These excursions are very affordable and if you have some haggling skills, you can bring your trip costs down quite a bit.


Sri Lanka is a great place year round and the kind of place you will keep coming back to.