What Makes Turkish Cuisine So Appealing?

Turkey is a unique country for many reasons. As well as having such a long coastline that offers so many wonderful summer beach holiday possibilities, it is now also an all year round destination because of the investment in the mountain ski resorts, which has seen it quickly become a favourite with winter holiday fans.

Of course the most individual aspect of Turkey is its location. At the point where Europe and the East meet, the country has long been known as the crossroads where cultures intermingle in an exclusive way.

Today, one of the finest examples of this unique historical mix and match of cultures is to be found in the cuisine of Turkey.


One thing that unites any of the all inclusive holidays Turkey has to offer is the chance to sample some of the most delicious food in the world.

Turkish specialities include many different styles of flat breads, kebab style servings for various meats and of course, the wonderfully sticky and sweet varieties of baklava.


On the plate, authentic Turkish food comes in good-size portions that should keep even the most voracious appetites happy. Hot and cold appetisers traditionally start a meal and are combined to make a mix for the whole table.

Vegetables play an important role, with lots of eggplant, tomatoes and peppers often included alongside grilled meats and yoghurt sauces.


The kebab is probably the best known Turkish style of food, but there is far more to it than the high streets of the UK might suggest.

Shish Kebab is made with pieces of lamb grilled over charcoal and is a speciality wherever you go in Istanbul, whilst Döner Kebab is the roll of lamb on a vertical skewer, turning beside a hot grill – a sight familiar to many late-night revellers around Britain.


 This typical Turkish dish sees layers of Turkish fried bread mixed with yoghurt sauce, sliced gyros meat and tomato sauce. The result is unlike anything else you have ever tasted and is certain to make you want to seek out the recipe and learn to make it yourself.

Turkish coffee is famous around the world for its unique strength and consistency and Turkish yoghurt and sweets, such as Lokum (better known as Turkish delight), are famous around the world.


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